“Words cannot express the value you have been to our family.  What a blessing you are.  Thank-you, thank-you, for the love, hugs, kind words, and patience you seem to have so much to give.  We will never forget the time spent with you."
Jill Loy,  Gannon and Carson's mom
“You provided such a positive and caring environment without the hassle of a structured administration.  Your were also so flexible with our schedule.  Many thanks for the important role you played in our lives.  We will cherish the memories of Lilyan & Grant's first preschool experience."
Lori Shindler, Lilyan and Grant's mom
“You have taught Sarah so much in your pre preschool class.  Your smiling eyes and happy ways made everyday so special.  We love all the hugs and sweet words.  Sarah will always remember circle time, reading books, and singing.  She loves all the arts and crafts she has brought home.  Thank-you so much for giving Sarah this wonderful start.  You prove teachers are angels with caring hearts."
Sarah's mom
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